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tv   Headline News  RT  May 11, 2013 7:00am-7:29am EDT

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voting through the violence pakistanis are choosing a new parliament and what has already been called the bloodiest election campaign in the country's history. same aim but different tactics president good name british prime minister cameron discussed their approaches to peace in syria as they pave the way for an international conference on the conflict. u.s. military forces in europe are put on alert after some western diplomats are pulled out of libya over the latest surge of post revolution unrest. and astronauts at the international space station get ready for space walk to fix a leak which nasa claims is serious but poses no danger to the crew.
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three pm and the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshing welcome to the program the people of pakistan are voting in a crucial turning point in the country's young democracy but there's already been bloodshed continuing the wave of unprecedented violence during the election campaign this week often and has a story by lance has been reported in several cities across pakistan and karachi in the country's south at least three bomb blasts went off we're hearing conflicting reports about from the authorities about the death toll but sources say that at least eleven people have been killed and at least thirty people injured those figures are likely to change throughout the day now in the city of peshawar near the tribal areas to bomb blasts we're hearing went off injuring dozens killing at least five people according to sources on the ground fifteen people meanwhile were injured in a blast that took place outside of a polling station in the city of marjah gone and in the troubles in the troubled
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balochistan province to bomb blast targeting the a and p. office injured fire. people more than one hundred thirty people have been killed in the runup to the vote making those the bloodiest election in pakistan's history and the threat is so serious in fact that cell phones are not allowed inside the polling booths and those who refuse to give up their phones will not be allowed to vote now this election will mark the country's first successful transition from one civilian government to another more than eighty six million people are eligible to cast their ballots for candidates in both the national and the provincial assembly is the big question of course is who is going to win the caucus on people's party is campaigning for a second term but the outgoing government has been blamed for insecurity corruption as well as a broken economy and many of the voters here say that they want a change in the government the main opposition comes from the party of former prime minister nabil was sharif looks set to win the most seats this could mean a return to power after fourteen years after he was ousted in
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a military coup now he is pushing for free market reforms as well as economic growth as one way to topple the sun's numerous political problems he has also said the pocket son should reconsider its support for the american war on terror and has suggested negotiations with the taliban hot on his heels is a moron con he is the former cricket star who has challenged the dominance of the country's two main political parties making the outcome of this election very difficult to tell him on call and does have immense support among young voters and is calling for an end to corruption and to drone strikes not to mention and to the reliance on western aid now this election comes at a time of widespread despair here in pakistan the country is suffering from weak at the moment growth rampant electricity and gas shortages and a deadly taliban insurgency there's also the possibility that none of the major candidates here will get a clear lead which could mean a fragmented government and two weeks of haggling in order to form
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a coalition government. reporting from islamabad well this is tweeting updates from pakistan during his historic election and she describes her. scenes as people line up to cast their votes despite threats and bombings across the country. putting an end to u.s. drone strikes was a major slogan on pakistan's election campaign trial the strikes were recently declared illegal by pakistan's high court anti-war activists eugene puryear believes frustration with america's drone policy is reaching a tipping point i think it's a message that certainly will be considered across the atlantic it's a sign of the growing opposition inside of pakistan and to a lesser degree in yemen and in fact even inside of the united states against the u.s. drone policy and certainly to have such a high court say the u.s. drone strikes should end immediately just continues to add fuel to the fire that is raging around the world about this secretive illegal and criminal campaign being waged by the united states government now obviously they have no intention of
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stopping their drone campaign but certainly i think this has to be. an item of interest for them. while we want to know your verdict on the outcome of pakistan's historic first democratic transition and this hour exactly half of those who participated in our online poll say the ballot won't change a thing and is just a spectacle for the benefit of the west just over a quater as we can see here on the chart believe the election will trigger a muslim rage across the country now sixteen percent are convinced the poll will provide the basis for a functional democracy and the rest say it will only bring more dysfunction in the government well do let us know what you think on this issue by logging on our website dot com.
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news today is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day. you know ghana staminate a pullout and twenty fourteen won't be the end of the story for america's military presence phyllis bennis who is a middle east and u.n. issues activist believes that keeping a foothold in the volatile state is crucial for washington. we know that the agreement signed between the u.s. and afghanistan allows for some number of u.s. troops to remain after the end of two thousand and fourteen the numbers have varied there's been estimates of as low as eight thousand and as many as twenty two thousand that the obama administration would like to keep in afghanistan after the the withdrawal of so-called combat troops this has everything to do with the neighborhood where afghanistan is located afghanistan doesn't have on its own but
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it has a large territory in the midst of a very crucial neighborhood in terms of oil and in terms of the expansion of power the u.s. wanted for example to keep permanent bases in iraq that it could use as a base from which it could attack iran the iraqis said no the afghans will be asked the same thing will they allow those bases even if it's only nine of them to be used potentially to attack other countries in the neighborhood that's one of the things the u.s. is very eager for on a permanent basis it's not so much about the immediacy of the taliban everyone knows that the presence of u.s. troops in afghanistan is making it much more difficult not easier for there to be serious peace negotiations between the various factions in afghanistan whether it be the taliban whether it be the afghan government whether it be a host of other factions that are all competing for power. russia and the u.k. have agreed to renew limited cooperation between their security services after
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a seven year low but the main focus of talks between president putin and prime minister cameron and the russian resort of sochi was the escalating crisis in syria while the two leaders stress they still differ on how to bring about peace they did cement agreement on common goals both moscow and london and won the bloodshed two and unified syrian people to choose their new government while being free from violent extremism it's an international conference on syria is expected later this month but there was no mention however during the saatchi meeting of britain strong support for the rebels or its intention to start directly arming them political writer john white says the west is desperate to push its own interest in the conflict zone. we've seen the city national army enjoying some significant success in the last few weeks in thinking back. of the country and i think this is did you think actually in washington and london which is why do the companies in so keen to
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fly to russia to be one of the conflict is not who we were hoping to destroy the assad regime. to be an axis of resistance in the region comprising city. and iran and selling not working and not only because politically of russia's political opposition to western milage into the engine but let's be clear the west is already intervening. through. the quick talk to see. jordan funneling weapons funneling money into the rebels but even so the city in the national army is managing to mean in control of significant parts of the country i'm going to enjoy some success he's on the ground there is no doubt that despite the propaganda campaign being waged against this still enjoys significance a pool with inside it itself and that is key. now the u.s. has put its military forces in europe on alert over escalating tensions in libya
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washington and the u.k. have already pulled some of the or diplomatic staff from the country fearing outbreak of violence the latest wave of unrest was sparked by a new law barring khadafi air officials from taking office armed militia fighters have laid siege to ministry buildings in the capital demanding the resignation of the country's prime minister splinter groups in parliament have been calling for the premier's dismissal international relations professor mark almond says the western powers who helped oust gadhafi are responsible for the prolonged turmoil. we're seeing is deep divisions among the libyan revolutionaries who britain and other nato countries supported there's a power struggle over who should control the libyan state and in particular who control libya's oil and gas if colonel gadhafi had suppressed still position him when it was opened in the streets of last the two thousand cost of the hundreds of people would have died but perhaps as many as thirty thousand died since and the country is in this deep state to disorder uncertainty life for most of us is worse
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than it was on the kernel that our articles kind of about his regime was supposed by the western countries to be the second bad regime anything must be resolutely told well i'm afraid to say we see that it's not necessarily so clear after all they only english be able to create a situation where groups came to power and so they have local nomination and there are of course groups who may be welcoming nato bombers but are in fact quite serious and he wants to move some fundamentalist groups who have now been sending cards also to syria so they don't go this is where the continued presence of western embassies the british french all the americans as as being holy something they'd like to see in a liberated as they would see libya after telling countries to keep coming back germany's finding that strong going europeans are now knocking out of the door. the main forms which you have to bring to. stay in germany you have to make
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children. as one report soon in the program there is no war i welcome from that you use richest stay for the increasing numbers of economic migrants who are accused of abusing germany's welfare system plus. you state you are bad people i don't have a hole that stinks because even to see my son break him. you don't want to get close to this machine as inspiration obviating waste water on palestinian villages who say its collective punishment against them by israel more in doubt just ahead here in r.t. . we
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speak your language of the war not a day of. news programs and documentaries in spanish more matches to you breaking news a little turn to the angles stories. here. detroit altie spanish to find out more visit.
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welcome back you're watching r.t. live from moscow very shortly to nasa astronauts will conduct an urgent spacewalk to fix the omonia leak on the international space station the situation is being described by the american agency as serious but not critical my colleagues would say spoke to artist on board and he says such emergencies at the i says are quite common. this spacewalk is going to take place the leak going back to thursday that's when it was first noticed and isis commander chris hadfield talking with the ground there establishing what exactly was going on as i think we can hear now very steady stream of. material a rotating towards the florida. citrus rotating british literature i think there are we getting it for you out of the two crew members going out outside the international space station to try and identify first of all exactly where this
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ammonia leak from the cooling system is coming from and perhaps if they can to try and fix it even if they were they have to shut off one of the power sections the power channels that come from those solar panels there's eight of them they can still operate on seven without many problems as the spokesman say at the moment it is as they characterize it a serious problem but more of an annoyance rather than anything particularly dangerous they also say that three crew due to come back to earth monday at the moment that seems to be going ahead of schedule of you know it watching from home we always think being at the eye and says is so exciting it's been the ice has been orbiting for the last twelve years around it's been quite a lot of cosmic work hard there has been it really has that's that's a good way of putting it i mean obviously some people would say it's getting on a bit the station but that's sort of to miss the point a bit of how the whole s.s. works in two thousand and seven there was another leak just like this one in roughly the same place in two thousand and ten one of the cooling systems really
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had quite a plant problem that they had to sort out and in two thousand and twelve more works were done on this very cooling system again so the think that the whole point of this is that there is a constantly evolving space station there's bits being taken away new bits being brought up it's very likely say nasa spokesman that. of space junk might be very small this particular point to the space station and what have been slowly leaking for a long time so they could let go became a bigger leak but at the moment these sort of things are going on. life is going on and it seems that the mission and the space station at the moment are ok while there's a race on to be read planet find over seventy eight thousand people have applied for a one way ticket to be among the first humans to settle on mars with plans to start colonization by two thousand and twenty three or more in the outline plus. could
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this be the end the us allows the use of pesticides linked to wiping out hives chemicals recently banned in europe for the possible catastrophic ramifications r.t. dot com reports on the staying in this studio. israel is planning to build nearly three hundred housing units in territories which the palestinians insist belong to them that's despite the fact that washington's already war in the country the moves are counterproductive and this could also hamper the efforts of u.s. secretary of state john kerry to restart negotiations between the bitter rivals israeli settlements are considered illegal under international law where the palestinians insisting building must be frozen before any talks recommends meanwhile gangs of palestinian youth continue to protest the decades long occupation but israel's dishing the dirt in a whole new way against even peaceful demonstrators i suppose we are now explains.
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first it was the bullets then the tear gas and now it's probably the worst smelling substance you will ever smell in your entire life. you stink you bad people i don't have a home it stinks you made it smell i have nowhere to go i can't even see my son you sprayed him. developed by israeli security forces this foul smelling liquid is used to disperse palestinian demonstrations and it's proving to be pretty effective if it hits you in the eyes it could be painful and it could cause redness and if swallowed it can cause stomach problems it's important to state that this material has never been used against israeli jews in only jewish demonstrations it's the on thirty years old search by the israeli military for an alternative to tear gas to control crowds the skunk is an anti-riot means that we employ in order to live up
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to our philosophy of containing rights at a safe distance while also ensuring the safety of everyone involved but those on the receiving end came it's been used as collective punishment it's sprayed not at stone throwers but generally simply people participating in nonviolent marches and very often is that the skunk a spray that homes gardens at people who are not participating at all in any demonstration take a tele to me for example he shows me the damage to his house from the so called skunk his wife was forced to throw the two old daughter from an absence bill kmita safety below after the windows of her bedroom shattered. the israeli forces come from this side in the sewage car stops it starts spraying the world at the same time the soldiers throw the tear gas on their houses. if we find a it's usual to see clashes here in the west bank village of not be selling between israeli soldiers and palestinian demonstrators villages came
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a nearby israeli settlement is being built on their land as you enter not be silent this is the sign that welcomes you dozens of tear gas canisters that have been collected just over the past few months a stark reminder of the excessive force the israeli army uses against the small village it remains unclear what's actually inside the liquid i. mean this water is very dirty and has a very bad smell once we left the house for three weeks because of it and it's water based and has various ingredients that create a very pungent smell but it is household ingredients as well. whatever it is one thing both sides agree on you would not want to be sprayed with it. not be suddenly in the way spend. more world news now and there are a trial of egypt's deposed president hosni mubarak has been postponed until june the eighth these are the latest pictures from the courtroom in which the ailing
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former president was brought in on a stretcher barak along with his interior minister and six security chiefs are facing court for their part in the deaths of anti-government protesters in two thousand and eleven egypt's former leader received a life sentence last june but was granted a retrial in january because of a number of the trial of trial regularities the barque was ousted as president and february twenty. fifth left hundreds of activists killed. d.n.a. tests have confirmed that the man accused of kidnapping and holding three women hostage for a decade in ohio is a father of a six year old girl also discovered at his house ariel castro was fifty two is charged with rape and kidnap you could also face execution if he's also charged with aggravated murder after one of the victims claimed she was systematically beaten to induce miscarriages the women who were rescued from his house on monday after one victim managed to escape. one of the e.u.'s most recent member slovenia
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was once the rising star of the blocks economic success but its years in the euro have seen its slump into recession unemployment double since two thousand and eight at its banks are on the verge of going under slovenia's trying to sort itself out without brussels help but that's proving to be tough the editor in chief of the financial magazine trans told us that all the indebted countries went through the same stage everybody who has been in trouble in the eurozone in the last year is as in the first phase of the crisis always refused to admit that they are really in trouble and that of course is first of all some kind of psychological game they're trying to play with the markets and we could probably get large. that. being said. that's also been quite clear that all the countries that came into the danger zone eventually had to ask for help which is something national
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governments don't like because then obviously to at least a certain degree they have two hands or two and two or a two foreign powers be the european central bank or europe the european commission the i.m.f. or the treaty together in the famous troika one of the other end of the wealth scale germany's got problems of its own immigration as a twenty year high as a financial mannie e.u. state fuels the flow of people escaping problems at home correspond the limpy dollar asked some germans what they think of the newcomers. those coming to germany in search of a new life might find one of their biggest challenges in the shape of the german people a bertelsmann foundation poll shows two thirds of people hear a few new comers as a burden on society one of those is culture schmidt he says he knows families who
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come from outside of the e.u. as many as five children who live off the state presently. the main performance which you have to bring to stay in germany you have to make children if you have no drop in germany and normal social. hundred square meters if i have children you get another three thousand euros that month social eight call runs a motor scooter hire company in berlin and claims to represent many set at what they see as a free ride given to migrants. if i would live in africa and i hear that when i see that my friend of my of relative of mine is already in bali and we value of facebook how is living then i would say oh well i go to bernie and as soon as possible immigration here is
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a twenty year high with a further two million expected to arrive within the next three years along with traditional settlers from turkey the bulk of that number will come from within in you as the jobless countries like spain and greece look for better opportunities in the much wealthy in north as the mediterranean situation worsens wealthier countries like germany are a magnet to provide work for their fellow e.u. citizens but even those who weren't even born in germany worry about the influx. i came here in one thousand nine hundred four but now there are so many immigrants in germany who are not working not doing anything this leads to problems they live better than those who work. but those in the turkish community insist it's not easy . sometimes having immigrant status is not stickle to get a good job which leads to a lack of prospects and in some cases people turn to crime but this is not the
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majority how to handle surging immigration numbers or even the perception that they're draining society is going to prove harder for leaders to avoid there's a general election here just five months peter all of her. and if they're savvy martin takes on the american military is somewhat imperialist atones and has a look at some of the kuli or ways the f.b.i. is getting into buying homes. and yet another step along the pointless anti gender crusade activists in sweden are pushing to promote a new gender neutral pronoun these activists want the term hen to replace the pronouns han and han which mean he and she respectively i think the logic of these
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bizarre gender neutral movements in the e.u. is that they really feel that it's awful to force someone into a role that doesn't fit them you know i can kind of see this i remember back to when i was a boy in school and with me there was a kid what kind of only female friends and he certainly wasn't a sports a toy trucks kind of kid if you understand what i mean you know i could see this guy having all those male stereotypes shoved down his throat you know made his life at school really unpleasant but the wacko liberal answer to some tiny amount of people being pushed into gender roles they don't like is to force everyone else into a genderless world they don't like fantastic i guess gender neutrality advocates can speak swedish how they like and they're free to use this word hen but don't force everyone in the country to do things your way the overwhelming majority of the world is very happy with its gender thank you very much but that's just my opinion.
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to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous. it. and i'm. really messed up. in the old story so actually. a. little worse for the looks a little like out of the. radio guy for a minute. i want. to give you never seen anything like this i'm telling.
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you guys i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set so i'm sure you've heard by now about the horror stories in the possible frankenfish that i've heard of frank in apple's app they could be coming to a grocery store near you janica modified apple designed by the canadian company okanagan specialty foods of summerland so what does this miracle miracle apple do give you a daily shot of vitamins withstand extreme temperatures no it just doesn't brown that's right a process called r.n.a. interface ensures that your apple won't brown once you bite into it how convenient because if there's one thing that i've been stressing out lately so much is that my apples brown too quickly thanks canada well despite the fact that this non aging apple will be cheaper than an organic apple at the grocery store let me give you a few good reasons why you shouldn't buy it first of all it's stupid fruit is meant to brown and if it doesn't then it probably means they are probably in a plastic centerpiece.


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